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About NewZealand

Reasonable fee structures

Despite offering world class education, New Zealand is successful is cutting down its fees structures and maintaining them consistently regardless of the global financial fluctuations. New Zealand stands second to none in terms of quality of education and the fee thingy is pretty much appreciated in the student circles. Comparatively, the education fee in New Zealand is almost half than that of other countries like USA, UK.

Friendly society and healthy living habitat

New Zealand stands among one of the best places of the planets to live. All thanks to its landscape and people. New Zealanders are very friendly, very much approachable. They lead a happy, healthy and adorable social life and it’s certainly great fun to be one among them.

Employment and Visa

It’s pretty easy to work in New Zealand. This is because of its less population and more opportunities. Once the students finish their education and grab opportunities, their work visa will automatically be granted.

English Speaking Country

This is one of the main advantages New Zealand bags. The vividly spoken language in New Zealand is the universal language, English. This wipes out majority of the problem of foreign students who wish to study in New Zealand.

Recognized institutions

To ensure student safety and utmost quality in education, several Quality Assurance agencies are appointed by NZ government. These bodies assess the safety of the institutions which offer international education and also the educational standards offered there.

Students are given a clear idea about the grading of the institutions they choose to study at.

It has a good tradition of welfare and has many landmarks to its credit like giving women the right to vote in1893, old-age pensions in 1898; undertaking a national child welfare program in 1907; social security for the elderly, widows, and orphans, family benefit payments; minimum wages; a 40-hour workweek and unemployment and health insurance in 1938. It introduced socialized medicine in 1941 and Electronic payment systems in 1980.

New Zealand was on the side of Allies during both world wars. Parliamentary democracy is the form of Government.

New Zealand is closer to the rest of the world and has made advances in international transport. It has good presence and participates in world markets. New Zealanders are the world’s greatest travelers. It observes emerging trends and adopts new technologies successfully. It is Young, free and self-reliant. It comes out with a fresh outlook and can be regarded as a vehicle of modernity and fresh ideas. The style of thinking is innovative which is reflected in pursuing today’s style of learning. The people are enterprising. New Zealanders are adventurous, hospitable, and naturally inventive, and have great interest in other cultures. It is famous for a rich mix of various cultures. New Zealand values safety and security of international students.

The entire learning process is very helpful to international students with dedicated staff to ensure peace happiness and success. Students are treated to think and learn in a focused manner. The universities impress with their teaching style and personal attention and broaden the knowledge. Universities in New Zealand are ranked high on a global level. They feature well in international surveys providing an admirable learning environment. The small sized classes grant personal attention. There are facilities available for practical training. The student’s career services department assists students for their apprenticeship. An education is a worthy experience here. The qualifications and standards achieved here are highly valued and respected in the world. Its education system is modeled on the famous British system and has world-class facilities, finest of resources and distinguished teaching staff.

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