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New Zealand renowned for its pleasant scenery, and the hospitality of the locals, offers a varied lifestyle and a safe, friendly environment to overseas students. It is never overcrowded, and has a range of unique cities with unique culture, fun and entertainment. It is a spectacularly beautiful, scenic, vibrant and an exciting place. It is sporting, friendly and accommodating, greatest experiences and excellent opportunities for study.

The Education in New Zealand has high quality, and is aided with innovation. It has great facilities, a safe environment, quality support services and excellent study opportunities. Eight government-funded universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses and some of these universities provide foundation programs.

Accommodation: Students wishing for an excellent quality education and a good lifestyle will find New Zealand perfect. The education and qualifications of New Zealand is respected all over the world and many educational resources and technologies make New Zealand a desired destination for education and high quality living.

Connoisseurs never underestimated New Zealand for its ever increasing potential in education and now, it stands majestic among other supreme countries, with its head held high and inviting students to cross the frontiers and to embrace it with compassion and their zeal to prosper overseas. Let’s look into those special and unique features which distinct New Zealand from other nations.

NZ is home to various nationalities which include Europeans, Maoris, Pacific Islanders, Asians who generally speak English and Maori. The people are generally Christians and the Literacy rate stands at a healthy 99%. The per capita income is $27,300. And it has low Unemployment rate. There is Arable land where wheat, barley, potatoes, pulses, fruits, vegetables are grown. It is a major supplier of wool, beef, lamb mutton, dairy products and fish. It has food processing, wood textiles, paper products, transportation equipment, machinery, banking and insurance, and tourism and mining Industries. It has Natural resources of natural gas, iron ore and coal. It has Australia, U.S., Japan, China, UK, Singapore, and Germany as Major trading partners. It is an active member of Commonwealth of Nations.

It is richly connected and has Communications in Telephones mobiles Internet Service Providers and Radio broadcast stations.

Transportation sector has been its key feature with over 5000 km Railways over 95,000 km Highways and also nearly 1800 km Waterways. Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Tauranga, Wellington are the major towns.


It is known to contain many hot springs and beautiful geysers. New Zealand is a place for adventure lovers of purity in nature of imposing mountains and calm lakes. The coast is beautiful and dramatic providing a great view and experience.


The record of history shows that Maoris were the first inhabitants, arriving somewhere in 1000 AD. The original settlers quickly exploited the available hunting and game available. There were Wars for competing for land and other resources.

There was a tradition for preserved history, narratives, songs, chants;where the tribal genealogies were recited. Songs, dance forms, weaving, wood carving were a necessary part of the society.

In 1642, New Zealand was explored by a Dutch navigator Abel Tasman. British annexed the islands in 1840.

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Ch. Naresh

My passion and the guidance of Prosper Overseas brought me to New zealand. The education is widening my horizons. The atmosphere is cooperative and practice-oriented. A word of gratitude to Prosper Overseas.

Dinesh Reddy

Thanks to Prosper Overseas for being very sympathetic. The councilors understood my real worries. Naved Sir has put a lot of effort to bring me back on potency. Because of them I got admission in Griffith. I was glad to hear that Prosper has taken the edge of improved technology and now it is counseling through video conferences to avoid time wasting. My best wishes to Prosper.

G. Kartheek

As the name implies, Prosper Overseas is undoubtedly a prosperous facilitator. The staff and the counselors communicate clearly with the students, which is a key ingredient. Naved Sir is highly dependent. It is now evident that Prosper Overseas serves genuinely to students.

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    New Zealand has nearly 2,600 schools. School education is free in New Zealand.

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    There are three official languages in New Zealand: They are:

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    There are 11 key areas of work where skilled workers are definitely needed

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    In addition to your fees for study, you will need between $20,000

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